This guy built the world’s largest working Xbox Series X

This guy built the world’s largest working Xbox Series X

Go big or go home

Insane, custom gaming builds are a favorite of the internet, hence why they tend to go viral pretty much every time. A new project has been making the rounds on Reddit, and it’s one of the coolest builds I’ve seen in a long time: a giant working Xbox Series X. According to his YouTube channel, a user called PhantomSpectre, or Michael Pick, was inspired after seeing the Xbox Series X refrigerator (and subsequent mini-fridge) that was created by Microsoft back in 2020 as a response to comments online that the new console was built like a fridge.

While that refrigerator was indeed running (and then spawned a series of lackluster mini fridges that also looked like the Series X), Pick thought it would be cool to have a console that big that actually worked as a console. The build included constructing a wooden frame, painting it black, and 3D printing parts before adding in the guts that made the giant Xbox work. In a reveal that surprised me more than it should have, it turns out that he just has a shelf in the back that hides a real Xbox Series X like a little nesting doll. Hey, if it works, it works.

The buttons on the giant Xbox even correspond to the buttons on the actual console, so you can use the huge power button to turn it on. The whole thing is over two meters tall, making it about 600% larger than the real console, and is basically an exact replica of the Series X down to the concave top and the ports on the back.

Pick even got a Guinness World Record out of the whole ordeal, but by far the best part was that he decided to donate his build to a worthy cause: the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Artist ZHC also got in on the love by doing some custom artwork on the sides of the giant Xbox before it was donated to its new home.

It’s a really cool project in and of itself, but the fact that some kids are going to get to enjoy it at the end of this is the real cherry on top.

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