SteamDB listing and leaked images point to a Returnal PC port (Update)

SteamDB listing and leaked images point to a Returnal PC port (Update)

SteamDB listing and leaked images point to a Returnal PC port (Update)

“Atropos” and “Helios” were spotted on a code-named SteamDB page that fits the bill

It feels like a matter of time before Sony and Housemarque bring Returnal over to PC, and today, we’re one step closer to that port becoming a reality. As spotted by @Nibellion, a listing on SteamDB contains references to the adrenaline-pumping PS5 exclusive.

While the SteamDB page uses the codename “Oregon,” it includes specific words and phrases related to Returnal including “Atropos” (the alien planet), “Helios” (Selene’s ship), and the “Tower of Sisyphus” (an endless mode recently added to Returnal on PS5).

Additionally, this presumed Returnal PC build has on-brand Steam tags like “Third-Person Shooter,” “Bullet Hell,” “Sci-fi,” “Rogue-lite,” and “Female Protagonist.”

[Update: Screenshots of the PC version of Returnal (and also Sackboy: A Big Adventure) have seemingly leaked from Reddit user EmpressofSony. The images show off the games’ graphics settings which, in Returnal‘s case, includes a toggle for ray-traced reflections.

Leaked Returnal PC settings

Leaked Sackboy: A Big Adventure PC settings

Curiously, neither of these PC ports were confirmed at yesterday’s State of Play, but Sony did announce PC versions of Spider-Man (August 12) and Miles Morales (Fall 2022).

So while nothing is confirmed yet, we do know that Sony is expecting “significant year-over-year growth” in its PC game sales for fiscal year 2022. (Check out page 32 of the report.) As of March 4, 2022, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn has brought in $60 million to date, Days Gone has cleared $22.7 million, and God of War is at $26.2 million.

To reach the sort of PC net sales that Sony is suggesting, it’ll need to ramp up its porting efforts with more of PlayStation’s big-hitters, which sounds great to me.

Who’s next in line?

There’s also the matter of the Great Nvidia Leak of 2021, which continues to pan out, slowly but surely. On the PlayStation front, the leak suggested PC ports of Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, and yes, Returnal, among others. Any and all of these games could bring in big bucks on Steam.

When, and in what order? That’s what I’m wondering. I’d say that many of these PlayStation exclusives can afford to take their time without losing their relevance, but the sooner, the better for players, of course. We’ll see what the grand plan ends up being.

As for Returnal specifically, I think fans are really rooting for a PC version — they want this game (and Housemarque) to succeed and get the wider audience it deserves.

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