Project M is NCSOFT’s new cinematic revenge game

Project M is NCSOFT’s new cinematic revenge game

Project M is NCSOFT’s new cinematic revenge game

Early development underway with Unreal Engine 5

Not to be confused with a certain high-profile Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project M from NCSOFT is an upcoming Unreal Engine 5-developed, console-bound “interactive movie experience” with an eye-catching trailer. I can’t say I’m exactly picturing a full-fledged game yet from this limited proof-of-concept, but the premise of a “man seeking vengeance” — combined with these high production values — speaks to me.

The footage is heavy on the “is revenge ever really worth it” theme? and shows a few action sequences that would look at home in one of Supermassive’s cinematic horror adventures like The Quarry. For some players, there’s not enough interactivity, but I don’t mind as long as the pacing is tight and my mind doesn’t have room to wander too much.

Plus, these sorts of accessible choice-based cinematic games tend to be a riot with other players in the room lending their voices (and other antics). For Project M, NCSOFT says the game will “feature different stories and endings depending on the player’s choices.”

Project M gunpoint screenshot
Take the shot?

Coming to consoles… eventually

Details are limited, to the point where NCSOFT has only said Project M is in development for “consoles,” but the trailer features “actual gameplay content.” Why show it now?

According to principal development management officer Moon Young Choi, the reveal trailer is a part of a new “NCing” R&D initiative. “NCing expresses the company’s commitment to unveil the development process and to continue communicating with the players earlier with regards to new projects,” he said in a press statement.

“Going forward, we will proactively showcase our development progress in various forms of content such as trailer videos, interviews, novels, and webtoons.”

I’ll avenge my wife any day of the week. Just point me in the right direction!

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