Netflix reveals Dragon Age: Absolution, arriving this December

Netflix reveals Dragon Age: Absolution, arriving this December

The Dragon Age is coming to Netflix

Today, Netflix and BioWare announced a new collaboration to bring Dragon Age to the streaming platform. Dragon Age: Absolution is a new series set in the world of Thedas, arriving this December on Netflix.

Shown off during today’s Netflix Geeked stream, Dragon Age: Absolution is a six-episode series. It’ll follow a set of new characters from the world of Dragon Age. That includes elves, Qunari, mages, knights, and some other surprises.

Dragon Age: Absolution is set in Tevinter, which has some interesting implications. Plus, with the next Dragon Age game also heading Tevinter, the Netflix series could potentially set up storylines. Or it might just be a good entry point for newcomers. Either way, Tevinter is definitely an interesting place to go; it’s a region full of magic, mystery, and intrigue.

The Dread Wolf nears

As for the Dragon Age series in the gaming realm, BioWare recently announced the title for its next entry. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be the next mainline game, with the player heading to Tevinter and dealing with a lingering threat in Solas.

The latest Dragon Age has been in development for a while, and BioWare has confirmed it won’t launch in 2022. Basically, ti’s going to be a while before we get a new virtual adventure in Thedas. In the meantime, this streaming series will be something for fans to dig into and pick apart, at the least.

Dragon Age: Absolution is another step of Netflix diving deeper into the world of video game adaptations, too. A new Cyberpunk anime was already announced, and its live-action Resident Evil adaptation arrives soon. Today’s stream also had news about Netflix’s Tekken series, The Cuphead Show, and the next book of Dota: Dragon’s Blood. And now, the streaming service will break into the fantasy world of Thedas.

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